Warm up with Continental to kick harder, jump higher & stay in the game

It took Hakan Sükür 10.89 seconds to score the fastest goal in FIFA World Cup™ history in Korea in 2002. He was ready; his opponents obviously were not. The ContiWarmUp programmes are specifically designed to get you ready to kick harder, jump higher and stay in the game by minimising the risk of injury.

What is ContiWarmUp?

In motor racing the warm up lap is essential to bring all components and especially the tyres to the optimum temperature. A cold tyre simply cannot perform as well as a warm tyre.

For footballers, the same is true. Making tyres and engines perform at their best is a passion for Continental. But it is well known that we also have a passion for football.

So Continental has taken that step to encourage young footballers and coaches to warm up effectively with the ContiWarmUp programme to optimise their own performance levels and minimise the risk of injury.

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